What to pack in your hospital bag

February 26, 2020

What to pack in your hospital bag

There's no guarantee as to when you might go into labour, so it's good to be organised a few weeks ahead of your due date, just in case baby decides to make an early appearance. 

Here is a list of suggested things to pack in your hospital bag. Even if you're having a home birth, it might be a good idea to pack a bag just in case you end up having to make the trip to hospital anyway. 

What to pack:

- Birth plan and maternity notes

- Comfy nighties (pack a few, including one that opens at the front) and dressing gown

- Slippers or flipflops

- Birthing ball (unless the hospital provides one)

- Snacks and drinks

- Big pants

- Maternity Pads (not sanitary towels)

- Toiletries, makeup, tissues, lip balm and hair things (brush, bobbles etc)

- Music and hypnobirthing CD if relevant

- Book / Magazines / Phone with Netflix and headphones. Don't forget your charger!

- TENS machine

- Flannel and Fan to keep you cool

- Going home clothes for you and baby

- Spare babygros

- Nappies, bags and wipes (you may want to pack a separate nappy bag)

- Breast pads and nursing bras

- Muslins

- Baby blanket

- Bottles and formula if you don't plan to breastfeed

And don't forget your carseat!

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