What to pack in your hospital bag

February 26, 2020 0 Comments

What to pack in your hospital bag

There's no guarantee as to when you might go into labour, so it's good to be organised a few weeks ahead of your due date, just in case baby decides to make an early appearance. 

Here is a list of suggested things to pack in your hospital bag. Even if you're having a home birth, it might be a good idea to pack a bag just in case you end up having to make the trip to hospital anyway. 

What to pack:

- Birth plan and maternity notes

- Comfy nighties (pack a few, including one that opens at the front) and dressing gown

- Slippers or flipflops

- Birthing ball (unless the hospital provides one)

- Snacks and drinks

- Big pants

- Maternity Pads (not sanitary towels)

- Toiletries, makeup, tissues, lip balm and hair things (brush, bobbles etc)

- Music and hypnobirthing CD if relevant

- Book / Magazines / Phone with Netflix and headphones. Don't forget your charger!

- TENS machine

- Flannel and Fan to keep you cool

- Going home clothes for you and baby

- Spare babygros

- Nappies, bags and wipes (you may want to pack a separate nappy bag)

- Breast pads and nursing bras

- Muslins

- Baby blanket

- Bottles and formula if you don't plan to breastfeed

And don't forget your carseat!

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