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      What are the benefits of teething jewellery?

      Seb&Roo teething necklaces are not only a stylish accessory but are perfect for little ones to fiddle with and chew. Baby can chew and chomp on the beads, soothing teething gums. For an extra soothing experience, silicone jewellery can be chilled in the fridge. Our necklaces also act as fiddle beads, keeping little hands busy and saving baby from tugging on hair or clothing.

      How do I clean my teething jewellery and teethers?

      One of the best things about the materials we use is that they are very easy to care for and have antibacterial properties. Simply wash silicone jewellery and teethers in warm, soapy water or on the top rack of the dishwasher. Wood should not be submerged in water. 

      Please wash before use. 

      For extra teething relief, silicone can be chilled in the freezer, helping to soothe teething gums and making a sensory experience for babies.

      New silicone can attract dust and is particularly noticeable on darker colours. This will lesson with time as the silicone wears but dust can be quickly wiped off with a wet wipe or cloth.

      Can I alter the length of my necklace?

      Yes - it is simple to shorten the length of the necklace. Pull apart the clasp, undo the knot and re-tie it to the length you would prefer, trimming off the excess cord. If you want a temporary change in length, you can knot the cord behind your neck.

      We cannot guarantee the safety of necklaces that have been altered. Seb&Roo is not responsible and will not be held liable for any incidents or issues arising from modifications made to necklaces.

      Do you offer gift packaging?

      Yes! There is an option to add a gift box at checkout and we would be happy to include a personalised note should you require it. 

      We also offer a beautiful range of greetings cards. If you would like to send one directly to the recipient, please leave a note at checkout with your message.

      How do I pay?

      We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.