Stocking Fillers

November 19, 2018 0 Comments

Stocking Fillers

I remember the feeling of waking up as a child on Christmas morning and the first thing I would do is have a feel of the stuffed stocking at the bottom of my bed. I want my boys to have that same pleasure but without filing it with cheap tat that will end up in the bin a few days later. So if you're also looking for ideas, I've scoured the shops and internet for lovely little things:


Lush Bath Bombs 

Lush has a great range of bath bombs that are all natural and suitable for kids. I'm going for the rocket bombs this year but they also have a robot, bear, Santa, submarine, princess and snowman. Prices start at £2.75 and if you order online the packaging is Naked - the bombs arrive in a cardboard box with biodegradable popcorn and no plastic in sight.













Bow Beaus Party Panda 

We have a growing collection of Schleich animals and I love these custom ones from Bow Beaus. I'm loving the pigs, cows and this panda.

Bear and Mouse Chocolate Mice

A local small business, Bear and Mouse makes amazing handcrafted chocolate in unbelievable flavours. I recently included some of their gorgeous chocolate mice in some party bags, and I ordered a couple of extra bags to pop into the boys' stockings. 

Tinti Crackling Bath Fun

We love bath time in our house and are expecting that these crackling bath crystals will add even more fun to it! I'm imagining popping candy for the bath...





Kids always love a new toothbrush and these Jack and Jill ones are cute and are fully compostable! 




This Felted House Hobby Horse

I came across this fabulous indie brand in The Handmade Collective in Leeds. The felted animas are a-may-zing and I think they'll keep the boys occupied jumping the condiments at Christmas lunch! If you're not local to Leeds, you can buy on Etsy.


The reversible sequin trend is everywhere at the moment and this HM sequin hat is a great stocking filler. Inexpensive and I'm not as worried about washing it as I would be a t-shirt.


I'll also pop the following in:

  • Matchbox cars
  • Orange (of course!)
  • Socks
  • Pens and pencils

I recently heard a fabulous idea where each year you include a tool in the stocking. By the time they leave home they have a full tool kit! I may start that next year as I fear my three year old would get up to some serious mischief with a screwdriver...

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