Baby Teething - 5 Tips To Soothe & Relieve the Pain

March 29, 2019 0 Comments

Teething Baby Bear Teether

Anyone who has had a teething baby knows how miserable that phase can be. Here are five handy tips to help make those days slightly easier:

1. Let Them Chew
Chewing helps ease the pain and you'll notice that babies naturally try to chew on anything and everything when they're teething. Give them something safe to chew on - a teether (our teething bangles and teethers are perfect for this), hard food such as a carrot or apple, or a damp washcloth. They can all be chilled for extra relief.

2. Teething Gels

We tried various pharmacy teething remedies and the only one that worked for us was Anbesol. Doesn't taste great but seemed to help.

3. Teething Granules 

Nelsons Teetha Teething Granules are a homeopathic product which contains Camomile to soothe the symptoms of teething. Some people don't believe in homeopathy but it seemed to help both of my boys. 

4. Comfort Them

It goes without saying but if teething is miserable for parents, it's even more miserable for babies. Hold them, cuddle them, breastfeed them, wear them, distract them, bathe them, play with them. Anything to take their (and your!) mind off it. 

5. Massage 

As well as the pressure they exert from chewing on a teether, you can help by massaging their gums - but only if you're brave enough! 

Above all, remember that this phase doesn't go on forever - this too shall pass! 

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