An open letter to my son on his first day of school

August 23, 2019

An open letter to my son on his first day of school

Dear Rupert,

The day is finally here for you to start school. It's been hanging over me for several long months, in one way dreading the day but in another knowing that you are ready.

I am proud, I am wistful, and I am sad as I know one chapter of our lives is drawing to a close and another, very exciting and inevitable chapter, is beginning.

We've had so many exciting and fun times and so many quiet times at home, just you and me. You've been the best companion. The days have sometimes been challenging and my patience has occasionally been thin but I am so lucky that I have had these years to dedicate to you. I'm not ready for them to be over. Weekends and school holidays don't seem like enough but we'll make the most of them, I promise. 

I know that you will thrive with the learning, the activities, the friendships. You are clever, funny, loving, sensitive, inquisitive and creative. You have so much to learn and so much to give, and you are ready for this next step. 

Be yourself, because you are amazing. Be kind and accept only kindness back. Be patient with yourself and others. Know it's ok to be nervous and have butterflies in your tummy, you will not be alone. Soon it won't be as scary. 

I know that you will most likely hold your big feelings in at school and then unleash them when you get home. Particularly in the early days. That's ok my dear boy, I understand. 

So I will prepare to share you with your new teachers and friends. I will trust them to care for you when I'm not there. But I will always get there if you need me. A phone call and just a few minutes away.

I won't show you my tears as you head off for your first day. You need to see me strong, to show you that this change is ok. I'll save them for when you're sleeping, when I'm sat by your side. Because every day you'll come back to me, and I'll be waiting with arms wide open. 

Mummy xxx

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